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Who is ASRAMAN? What is your main activities?

We are trying to help people from threats and make the future of humankind become more glorious.

  • Threat? What threat do we have?
  • For example, The self-controlled vacuum cleaners got consciousness. They are transformed into Dogoombas. Dogoombas prefer to eat human.

Sounds good. Can i do something for the future of humankind?

Marvelous! Please support ASRAMAN, the universe wants you.

  • How can i support ASRAMAN?
  • Meet us at the next Live. Electro-Funk music is awaiting for you. Clear your mind. The cosmic will be with you.

The Songs & Stories of ASRAMAN


Captain Thunfisch


Maschinenmädchen Hanako

Bleib Cool


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ASRAMAN Hero Cards

ASRAMAN is one of the most fantastic super-hero team.

Reporter with glasses

Hm? ASRAMAN? Yes, i know them. If i have too many works, i will subcontract them.

Rich man with a bathrobe

Cool, ASRAMAN is just cool.

Young man with white liquid