Captain Thunfisch

Episode Details
  • Category: Main Episode
  • Key Person: Captain Thunfisch
  • Danger Level: B
  • Mood: Call & Response
  • BPM: 110 - 130

Captain Thunfisch received a warning from the universe of intention in the navigation space and knew that the crisis is imminent in the earth of mankind. On the earth machines begin to have an ego, and they are trying to attack the human race. The captain discovered the presence of Asraman who've received an alert like himself on the earth, the hometown of the human race. Captain Thunfisch and Brother Cous Cous landed on Earth and were welcomed by the Galactic Waves In the ground. In addition, they found the robot DF-3000 in the failure state. Brother Cous Cous rebooted DF-3000 and he was resurrected. On the other hand, self-propelled vacuum cleaner got the intelligence and made transformation to Dogoomba. The Attack of the Dogoombas against mankind has begun.